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Todos Santos English


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       ◈ Rustic streets and properties, family vegetable plots, northern flavors from the sea and land, art everywhere you look, and the strong waves of the Pacific Ocean make this spot in Baja California Sur a hidden treasure for those who are looking for freedom and the good life from their holidays.


  1. Take part in turtle nesting areas.
  2. Attend the Festival del Arte (Arts Festival) in February.
  3. Enjoy the seaside bohemian atmosphere.



Enjoy the spectacular waves on the beaches of San Pedrito or Cerritos as the sun rises, and stay there on a campsite.

Beaches of Todos Santos

They are located between 1 and 10 miles away, since the town is not directly on the seafront. To get to them, you must travel south. The first one you will reach is Punta Lobos (exit on Km 54), perfect for walking, buying fresh fish and for fishing from the shore as the sun rises, be it seabream, sawfish or the ever-evasive roosterfish.

Along the route to Punta Lobos is the Club de Playa de Guaycura, ideal for stretching out on a sunbed and drinking a mojito. Further along, a turn-off at Km 57, you will find Las Palmas, a pretty and quiet beach that you can access by crossing a palm grove on foot. At Km 60 you will find an exit to San Pedrito, and 2.5 miles later (Km 64), Cerritos. Both are perfect for camping and surfing. Cerritos has several options for staying the night, from luxury hotels to camping on the beach, as well as offering the rental of equipment, surf lessons and beach umbrellas.

Centro Cultural Siglo XXI

To better understand the area’s history, you should visit the Siglo XXI Cultural Center. Located in the former Escuela Normal para Maestros Rurales (Training School for Rural Teachers), this place houses a collection of small museums that document the region’s history; one is them is dedicated to photography, another is an art gallery with works donated by resident artists, and another is a replica of a traditional house.

Todos Santos Mission

This mission has had more names given to it than any other since its founding in 1733 by Segismundo Taraval.

It has been known as the Misión de Santa Rosa de la Ensenada de las Palmas as well as Nuestra Señora del Pilar de Todos los Santos, its current name.

In front of the mission is the esplanade and the pavilion, the perfect place to buy an ice cream and listen to the cawing of the sparrows, woodpeckers and cardinals that inhabit the plaza and its surroundings.

Walk Through the Streets of Todos Santos

Some of them are still sand or old clay, but all the streets are full of interesting stores. Between gardens, fruity aromas and family vegetable plots, your feet will lead you to Calle Benito Juárez, where you will find the legendary Hotel California. Also on this property is Emporio, its highly recommended store-gallery, where they sell clothes from the 1970s as well as all kinds of souvenirs, Persian carpets and works of art such as bronze sculptures.

There are many galleries, among them one that belongs to Gabriel Rodríguez, better known as Gabo, where he exhibits all his paintings. You will be surprised by the unique creations by the artists in this Magical Town! Moreover, on the streets you will find countless stores selling textiles and jewelry, original creations in gold and silver.

Spoil Your Palette in
the Mercado Baja Beans

This market brings together the region’s producers every Sunday, come and enjoy its organic produce.

Every Sunday, in the village of El Pescador, the Mercado Baja Beans brings together the region’s producers, who offer chili marmalade, fruit jam, farm eggs, smoked fish, and biological chemical products for cleaning.

Don’t leave before enjoying a cup of coffee in Baja Beans Café, produced with the highest quality standards.

Surf the Perfect Waves

Surfers around the world are searching for the perfect wave on the beaches of Todos Santos.

Beaches such as La Poza, Batequitos, San Pedrito, Cerritos, Punta Lobos, and Los Esteros have strong waves. These are professional and amateur surfers’ favorite spots.

Almost all the town’s hotels offer surf lessons. Included in the price is your surf kit: surfboard, wetsuit, fin, leash, surfboard wax, and sunblock.

Todos Santos Film Festival

Since 2004, the Festival de Cine de Todos Santos has been showcasing the work of Hispanic American and local filmmakers.

Among the activities carried out at the festival are film showings, talks with actors and producers, masterclasses, gastronomic activities, musicals and plays.

The event usually takes place in March, but this can vary. Consult the official guide.

 Festival de Cine Todos Santos
Design: Monica Moreno

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