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Santa Rosalía English


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     ◈ On the central part of the Baja California Peninsula you will find this small city with traces of French influence.

The Magical Town of Santa Rosalía, located in Baja California Sur, is visited for its famous black sand beaches. Contemplating its natural and urban spaces is part of the charm that attracts its visitors and that has made its residents fall under its spell. Here the enjoyment lies in the tranquility of its palm tree lined streets, and the vegetation that exists alongside its architecture, where the French footprint is part of the landscape.

Santa Rosalía in Baja California Sur is the doorway into the state’s largest municipality: Mulegé, rich in incomparable natural and cultural wealth. It is also a unique place, situated within one of Mexico’s most precious areas, where age-old traditions and customs are brought together.


Visit the Museo de Historia de la Minería in order to better understand the history of its people and see details and objects from the era during which the French shaped the town.

Admire the Misión de Santa Rosalía, whose construction began in 1705.

Try the bread from El Boleo, where French techniques and recipes are still in use.

An artistic and cultural line-up enriches the anniversary celebration of the founding of Santa Rosalía; this event takes place towards the end of October.

The 12th of December is the traditional race of “La Guadalupana” in honor of the Virgin Mary.

❖  The Iglesia de Santa Bárbara

This building is attributed to the famous Gustave Eiffel, a design he carried out for the World Exhibition in Paris in 1889.


❖  The Museo de Historia de la Minería

Within its halls is furniture, equipment, tools, registry books and pieces from the beginning of the past century, as well as photographs that show the hard work of the Yaqui, Chinese, and Japanese miners.

❖  The cave paintings of the Cueva de San Borjitas

These pay testament to those who once inhabited these regions. They are located around 47 miles from the town. These cave paintings are very famous on the peninsula for their impressive size; they measure around 13 feet tall and 100 feet wide; from the entrance to the back of the cave is around 65 feet.

Other Attractions:

The Palacio de Gobierno (the Government Palace), built in 1897.

El Boleo, the picturesque bakery.


Enjoy its gastronomy, which has fresh fish and seafood to offer, as well as a few stews with touches of French cuisine.


Explore the vestiges of the mining industry that reached global fame as the world’s largest supplier of copper.

Sports activities

Enjoy the sports activities on offer in Santa Rosalía’s bay. Some consider this bay, with its mangrove swamps, one of the state’s most beautiful.

Aquatic activities

Practice aquatic activities such as diving, snorkeling, kayaking or surfing in the Bahía de Concepción.

Other Activities:

Explore the Biosphere Reserve of Desierto de El Vizcaíno.

Visit the Public Library named after Mahatma Gandhi.

During Semana Santa (Holy Week), Santa Rosalía is filled with colors, flowers, songs, magic and religious depictions, a genuinely special event amongst descendants of the Yaqui and Mayo indigenous people who arrived in the 19th century with the El Boleo mining company.

❖  On the 4th of December is the celebration of Santa Bárbara, Santa Rosalía’s patron saint.


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