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Magdalena de Kino English


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 ◈ An air of mysticism still surrounds this town that was founded by Father Kino in 1687. Its streets, gardens, and plazas bear witness to its history.

It is not just a stopover on the way to the neighboring country, it is one of the most visited sites for the faithful who come from across borders—and it also draws people from the Yaqui, Mayo, and Tohono O’dham indigenous peoples.



Try the original chimichangas.

Get a closer look at the history of the evangelization of the Pima people.

Marvel at the saguaro cacti in Sásabe.

Festival Kino, during the third week of May, this festival honoring Father Kino is held. Today, it is one of the most important cultural festivals in northeast Mexico

Pictures: Metamario

Mausoleo del Padre Kino

In the 1970s, the remains of Jesuit missionary Eusebio Francisco Kino were found close to the town square, so a mausoleum was erected here. It also has a mural depicting his religious work in the state of Sonora.

Picture: Alba Fierros

Parroquia de
Santa María Magdalena

This church was built on the site where Father Kino established a mission in honor of San Francisco Javier, who has been revered throughout the state ever since.

The saint was worshipped in one of the church’s chapels until 2013, when a special chapel was built for him beside the church. In the end of September and the beginning of October, the festival in honor of San Francisco Javier is celebrated around the church.

Vitrales y grabados
del Palacio Municipal

Originalmente fue una academia militar para niños. Sus arquitectos, judíos sefarditas, dejaron su peculiar sello en este edificio que vale la pena conocer; sus vitrales y grabados cuentan la historia del municipio y del estado.

Picture: Alba Fierros

Stroll the Tourist Corridor

The handicrafts created in this Magical Town can all be found along this corridor. Come discover something one of a kind.

You can find woven goods, shoes, hats, milk candies, and caramelly cajetas. This Magical Town claims to prepare the most delicious quince cajeta candy in the state—pick some up where handmade items are sold downtown.

Spend Time in Nature in Rancho Ecoturístico El Peñasco

On this ranch, you can take in the natural surroundings and horseback ride, nature watch, hike, hear stories by the light of a campfire, and ride bikes.

Visit the San Ignacio de Cabórica Mission

Dating from 1687, this was one of the missions the Spanish established in the Sonoran desert. Besides its historic value, the mission features a unique spiral staircase, and its facade has distinctive masonry ornamentation. Don’t miss the fine detailing on the wooden door. The current church, which sits next to this building, was finished in 1770.

Picture: LIMO 5

Festival Kino

During the third week of May, this festival honoring Father Kino is held. Today, it is one of the most important cultural festivals in northeast Mexico.

There are events with historians, talks about traditions and customs, food and handicraft shows, and artistic presentations.

Picture: Migde Pino

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