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     ◈ Its name means “abundance of sand” and here you will find all kinds of abundance: of nature, history and architecture. Walk along its winding streets and admire the charm of its old buildings guarded over by the jealous gaze of the Ceboruco Volcano; this is only a fraction of what this beautiful Magical Town has to offer.


Learn about the legend of “La Sierpe”.

Attend the Corn Festival, where you can admire specimens as long as 50 cm.

Watch the sunset from the peak of the Ceboruco Volcano.

Observe the great diversity of animals that live around the crater such as wild cats, deer, hares, skunks, and raccoons.

Basílica Lateranense de Nuestra Señora de la Asunción

This Lateran Basilica dedicated to Our Lady of the Assumption has several temples of worship that you can visit and see its sacred representative relics.

It is a mix of gothic and roman styles, built with pink, green and yellow quarry stone. One of its peculiar characteristics is the unique tower in the center of the complex. Inside there is an image of the Virgin of the Assumption carved into wood and that dates back to the beginning of the 18th century.

You will also find the Antigua Capilla de San Francisco (Old Chapel of San Francisco), known as “la viejita” (the old lady), because it was built in 1582. Its walls are made of adobe and pink quarry stone. Inside there is an image Immaculate Conception that instead of a crown wears a great crest of feathers.


Cascada El Salto

Walk to this natural spectacle and enjoy nature’s harmony in El Salto waterfall.

From June to September, this imposing 100-foot waterfall is perfect for a quick dip. It’s about a kilometer walk to get there.

Santuario de la Natividad

Discover the legend surrounding this sanctuary dedicated to the Nativity and the miracles attributed to the Virgin.

It was built to protect the population and to consecrate the Virgin of the Nativity. It’s a genuine architectural treasure. A few blocks away from the sanctuary is the Museo Comunitario (Community Museum), which is housed by a beautiful 19th century mansion. Here you can find pre-Hispanic and traditional pieces from Nayarit. If you would like to learn more about Jala’s history, don’t hesitate to visit.

Explore the Ceboruco Volcano and Admire its Animal Life

Go hiking, mountain climbing or rock climbing inside this crater of mystical beauty.

The volcano as well as its surroundings has become a geological park where you can go mountain climbing and mountain biking. It is over 7,400 feet above sea level and from its peak you can see some nearby towns. It is surrounded by remains of lava and volcanic rock, the products of its last eruption around the end of the 19th century.

You can watch as the volcano’s crater exhales steam. Furthermore, it is home to five endemic plant species, of which three are from Nayarit and two from western Mexico.

Observe the great diversity of animals that live around the crater such as wild cats, deer, hares, skunks, and raccoons.

Useful Information
You can arrive by car, walking or on horseback. It is 5 miles from the centre of Jala.

Live the legend of La Sierpe

Every May 3rd, in Jala a celebration is held around the most famous story of the Magical Town “The Legend of La Sierpe”.
The town is filled with flowers and music. At night, the burning of La Sierpe, a strange creature in the shape of a snake with seven heads, takes place.

On September 8, you can also see the town engaged in the tradition of the burning of La Sierpe, a cardboard figure that descends down the mountain, which makes it a spectacle worthy of admiration.

Take a hike up the Cerro de la Cruz and admire the wonderful view it offers. You can go hiking and then have a picnic surrounded by the oak and cedar forest. Take pictures of the beautiful scenery.

Go on a Canopy Tour
Tour in Ixtlan del Rio

Test your senses in mountain hiking, crossing Tibetan bridges, vertical climbing via ferrata, rappelling and zip lines up to 110 meters. Here they also offer lodging and camping area.

Corn Festival

The month of August in the Magical Town of Jala, Nayarit, invites you to enjoy the Corn Festival, where there is an award for the largest corncob.

During the festival, the Virgin of the Assumption is also celebrated, and corn-based food is enjoyed. Concerts, sport events and dances also take place.

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