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         ◈ Leading into this town, you will marvel at the landscape of pine and oak forests, grape and olive vines. As you arrive, you will meet Tecate’s inhabitants, expert wine and beer makers. After just a few days here, you will feel very much one of them, trying local bakeries and restaurants, strolling around the Parque Miguel Hidalgo, traveling on the train.
Calm ranch hotels perfect for relaxing both your body and mind are waiting to welcome you… and saying goodbye to the town will be the most difficult part of the trip, given Tecate’s simply irresistible ambience.



  1. Sign up for a tour of the facilities of the famous Tecate brewery.
  2. Enjoy a coffee at Casa París, the French-style venue on a corner of Miguel Hidalgo Park.
  3. Take a tour on the tourist train through the restored Tijuana-Tecate route.

Enjoy temascales, massages and aromatherapy at the ranches.

El Vallecito

An archeological site located on the west slope of the Sierra Juarez mountains, protected from the winds by small hillocks. The only structures standing are dispersed rocky shelters which reveal their treasures within: paintings drawn by the ancient Yumano civilization. A path is marked, leading you from one to another, discovering the simple drawings in white, black, red and yellow that have survived the centuries. Depicting suns, geometrical figures, animals and humans with mineral pigments, these drawings cannot be missed. Look out for “the shark”, “the devil” and “the mushroom”, while also enjoying the stunning view—yet another reason to visit.

Don Juan

South of Tecate, along the highway from Ensenada, you can glimpse the valleys of Puerta Norte del Vino, including the vineyards of Don Juan Winery, stretching across the fertile Valle de las Palmas. This is a diminutive yet charming vineyard which takes upmost care of both their wines and the environment, even the bottle labels are made from recycled paper.

Don Juan has been producing wine for 20 years and has won many awards for their quality. Their Cabernet Sauvignon has excellent body and a complex flavor profile with fruity notes and even a touch of dark chocolate. Other standout intense reds include Syrah and Meritage.

Tecate Brewery

The Tecate Brewery has been producing one of Mexico’s most beloved brands for 60 years. When you visit the town, don’t miss a tour of the brewery’s installations.

You can learn about the beer-making process, visit the museum, enjoy the gardens, and of course try a cold glass of the Tecate brew.

Spend the Night at Vinoteca Tecate

Fun is never far away in the Magical Town of Tecate. In the evening, the best ambience can be found in the city center.

A wonderful spot to frequent is the Vinoteca Tecate Restaurant-Bar. Located right in the center of the city, they offer a collection of local and regional wines, artisanal beers and cuisine from the Tecate region. It’s the ideal place to spend a lovely evening with friends. Why not choose a table on the patio?

Admire the View
From La Rumorosa

Four viewpoints await in La Rumorosa for those who travel along the highway. Some have lookout towers and a telescope; others show the presence of a local artist. The viewpoint of La Casa de Piedra allows you to see the Cerro del Centinela in the distance, the Valle Imperial to the left and the Laguna Salada to the right.

At Km 61, the Ojo de Águila (“Eagle Eye”) viewpoint is home to a monument created by Jaliscan artist Oscar Ortega. Very closely is the El Cóndor viewpoint, with a sculpture depicting a Baja Californian Condor bird of prey, a work by Mexicali artist Víctor Javier Rodríguez. The work references the project to reintroduce the majestic bird in San Pedro Mártir.

Along the highway at Km 54, you’ll find the viewpoints La Rumorosa and El Caballo Blanco. Visitors who stop here will see regional icons depicted in the letters forming the La Rumorosa signboard sculpture: from condors and bighorn sheep to cave paintings and rattlesnakes. To one side is a sculpture of a white horse, making reference to the corrido song by José Alfredo Jímenez which recounts a majestic steed passing by this place. The sculpture by Francisco Méndez and Víctor Rodríguez also pays homage to the singer himself.

Enjoy the Ranches and Spas

There are many ranches and former plantations which welcome tourists with their spas and temascales (pre-Hispanic sauna house)

The Rancho Tecate offers horseback rides, walks through the vineyards and views of a lake surrounded by palms. On Sunday, their restaurant prepares goat barbacoa and roasted suckling pig. The afternoons are perfect to spend in the pool, on the tennis courts or the golf course.

To the west, along the highway returning to Tijuana is Rancho La Puerta, the perfect place to relax and unwind. There are over 80 comfortable cottages, a pool, tennis court and an award-winning spa. Re-firming facials, reflexology, aromatherapy, hot stones, and herb wraps, all designed to cleanse, relax and energize. Here, silence is as important as entertainment. There are meditation sessions, yoga classes, walks between flowers and mountains, as well as dance and Pilates classes. Or how about learning a new recipe in the school of La Cocina que Canta?

East of Tecate, towards Mexicali, is the Rancho Los Chabacanos, where the only thing on the agenda is to unwind. There are 17 cabins with chimeneas, living room and kitchen, as well as a swimming pool and a lake with kayaks perfect for sunny days. In the winter, the nights are lit with bonfires. Whenever you visit, you can wash the stress away with a Swedish massage or mud therapy in the spa.

The Rancho Ojai seems like a place straight out of an old western movie, with 33 cabins nestled between the trees, all with tables and barbecues at the entrance. There is also space for motor homes. A games rooms, a pool with jacuzzi, a billiard table, a mini golf and a store can all be found in the common areas. Visitors walk or cycle around, with the days passing by in an olden days haze.

Following the free highway toward Mexicali, a few miles after Rancho Ojai, you will come to the village of El Hongo. There, a turn off leads to Hacienda Santa Verónica along a dirt road. This is a hotel totally isolated from the world: no phone service, no television, no internet. What is abundant though is the fresh air, which you can enjoy on horseback.

Spring Dance

Organized by the Kumiai community, this is a ritual dance welcoming the spring equinox in March.

On the 20th, you can watch the incredible indigenous community’s traditional dance, which is also accompanied by temascales and other ceremonies.

In the Centro Ceremonial de la Reservación Kumiai (“Ceremonial Center of the Kumiai Reserve”) there are many activities on offer such as cycling, birdwatching, hiking and horseback rides.

Paella and Wine Festival

In June, the Paella and Wine Festival pays homage to great wines from across the world, as well as the famous Spanish dish paella.
Come to see the best local and regional winemakers.

Holiday Lights Parade

For over twenty years now, December has brought twinkling lights and a cheery, festive feeling to the main streets of Tecate. On the first days of the month, the Holiday Lights Parade floats pass through the Magical Town; Santa Claus and his elves, the Grinch, snowmen, reindeers, Christmas trees, all surrounded by lights and Christmas scenes, the actors waving to the townspeople and welcoming this wonderful time of year.

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